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Law Firm Industry Breaking News

CBRE Arranges Chicago Lease for a Property Law office

Law office recruits Pixel owners for Class Action suit against HTC, Google and LG
  • Startup will try to replace lawyers with robots
  • GE Appliances announces Litigation
  • Experts Seek Design Patent Remedies of Supreme Court Decision
  • Cannabis market will thrive without an legal industry
  • Law Firm Earns Standout Ranking In Litigation Report
  • Local firm patent industry with bitcoins
  • Industry leaders join Kentucky Roundtable
  • Law Firm Lawyers Meet To Plan The Future Of Law
  • China targets a 3 trillion of dollars shadow banking industry
  • Accounting firms taking some steps to tackle stress
  • Lawyers feeling the strain and leaving
  • Protect all Your Clients with Protecting The Data
  • Same law firm representing counties in lawsuits
  • Insurance Advice for Law offices Firms for Irma

– Former Ag Ties Up With London Firm To Start Self Employed Legal Practice
– In Rio De Janeiro Complete Vulnerability As Violence Surges
– On Demand Legal Help Fewer Hassles Goal Of Tech Startup
– Pyrios Ict Charity Lunch Advances Digital Birth Registration In Developing Countries
– Sumo Wrestling Embroiled In Scandal Again After Champion Admits Assault
– The Legal Industry Needs Fresh Leadership With New Skill Sets
– Us Law Firm Says Investigating Televisa Bribe Claim