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Forex Trading Breaking News

NEX EBS Reports FX Trading Volumes in Line - Industry Trends

FT told us that Powell as Fed pick may not be the non-event it seems!/ft-says-powell-as-fed-pick-may-not-be-the-non-event-it-seems-20171102
  • How AI  is being used to do business
  • Report Offers Forecast on Psyllium Seed Market
  • Printed Market to exceed $188 bn until 2020
  • Artificial intelligence tech excited SMEs more than large corporates
  • Increasing Demand in Organic Cosmetics
  • EUR/USD sees bounce support target reached
  • Forex Market Review Dollar breaks 92 level as rivals weaken;
  • FX CM posts August Retail FX trading volumes at $220 billion
  • eToro Stops Offering FX-Trading in Russia
  • Start to use of Twitter in Forex trading
  • China’s removes requirement on FX trading for institutions

– Industrial Floor Scrubber Market Forecasts From 2017 To 2022 Analysis By Type Industry Vertical Geography
– Kraken Awarded 750000 Oil Gas Contract
– Greenlights Einhorn Says Issues That Caused The Crisis Are Not Solved